Member Info


Annual Membership fees -

Caste Hill RSL Club membership - $22.00

Castle Hill RSL Swimming Club membership - $15.00

Weekly fees -

Weekly swims cost $3.00

Carnival fees

Varies depending on hosting club and meal provided. Generally run at around $20 to $30 for swim and lunch, or $5 to $10 for swim only.

 Aussi Masters

If you desire, you can join Aussi Masters Swimming. Current annual membership - $90.00

Membership Form

This is what our membership form looks like.  Please grab a copy at this link and fill it out when joining or renewing your membership.    membership form

To join the Castle Hill RSL  Swimming Club, your must first be a member of Castle Hill RSL club - your membership number will required to join the Swimming Club.

To join Aussi Masters Swimming, you will first need to be a member of the Castle Hill RSL Swimming Club.  You will not be able to sign up fro Aussi Masters until the Swimming Club registrar has received notification that your membership fees have been paid.