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Annual General Meeting and committee elections for 2013-2014 - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Annual General Meeting and committee 2015-2016

The Annual General Meeting for 2015 was held Wednesday night 15 July 2015 in the Castle Hill RSL Club.

Following are the elected committee -

Election Results:
President                   Robina Fellner
Vice President          Mark Burrough
Secretary                   Wendy Sheppard
Treasurer                   Kerry Genovese
Ass. Treasurer           Ray Steel
Captain                        Brendon Upson
Vice Captain               Joe Serg
Handicapper               Mark Burrough
Carnival Convener    Peter Mulquiny
Recorders                   John Langford, John Dempsey
Publicity Officer         Bob Drummond
Social Secretary        Trevor Wilton
Ass, Social Secretary  Bob Drummond
Masters Coordinator    Scot Andrews
West. Met. Delegates   Joe Serg, Peter Edwards
Patrons                            Dave Wood, Rick Cumming